• Call center, gestion des dérangement clients finaux
  • Service de dépannage 24h/24h
  • Entretien, maintenance du réseau
  • Planification du réseau AND, TNDB
  • Gestion de projets, engineering, conseil
  • Installation et mise en service de périphérique clients finaux
  • Exécution de projets
  • Dépannage clients finaux
  • Extension du réseau
  • Extension du réseau
  • Croches OMDF
  • Réalisation des manchons
  • Réalisation des manchons
  • Inhouse colonne montante et OTO
  • Formation
Nous sommes le leader du marché en Europe pour les accès aux produits par câble.

Teleste is the leading network service provider and a trusted partner for European Cable and FttX operators. With a unique combination of highly skilled and motivated field force, close cooperation with our product unit, and excellent technical knowhow in cable TV and broadband applications, we help customers design, build and operate their networks.

Réseau vidéo

We cover all aspects of video delivery from receiving services to delivering first-class subscriber experience whether the type of the network is DVB, IPTV or OTT.

Nous fournissons un ensemble complet de services afin de vous garantir les meilleurs résultats.

Teleste is committed to your success. We are not satisfied to simply sell you products and stand by as you manage on your own. Rather, we will work with you to maximise your revenue, save costs and improve quality. Teleste can provide a full set of services to guarantee the best results in all phases of building and maintaining the system.

Vidéo surveillance

We offer comprehensive video security and information solutions for various market segments such as transportation and public space.

Nous avons une grande expérience en tant qu’intégrateur technique dans divers projets.

Teleste’s service offering covers technical integration, software support and maintenance, system design, software integration and tailor made solutions, project management, configuration, installation and commissioning, and training.